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Lord of the Rings (prompt post #1)


  1. This meme focuses on all non-romantic relationships in Tolkien's Middle-earth. This includes friendship (BroTPs), family relationships, bond between teammates, and so on. You may request a romantic pairing only if the story is focused on the non-romantic aspect of the characters' relationship. (For example: Galadriel and Celeborn working together in ruling Lothlórien.) Romance is fine in your work as long as it is not the focus.

  2. Anon and non-anon posts are both allowed.

  3. Please use trigger warnings where appropriate (character death, graphic violence, incest, rape, etc.)

  4. Absolutely no bashing of prompt, prompter, or filler will be tolerated!

  5. If someone has already filled a prompt you were writing for, you are allowed to also post your fanwork. The more the merrier!

  6. When prompting, please use the following format for your subject line: Character Names - summary of prompt. In the body of your comment you may elaborate on your prompt.

  7. You may request and fill as many prompts as you wish!

  8. For fills, please reply to the prompt you are filling, and please use this format in your subject line: Title - Characters - Rating - Warnings (where applicable).

  9. You may link your fills to another site, or post your fill as a reply to the prompt. Please post your fills to both the prompt and in the Fills post.

  10. All questions go here.

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Fills post
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The Fellowship, Hollin

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Character Names - Members of the Fellowship
Summary of prompt- Two members of the Company that aren't normally seen together in canon (for example: Legolas and Merry, Boromir and Gimli, Aragorn and Sam or some other unusual combination) are separated from the other seven while they journey through Hollin. What happens? Can be adventurous, exciting, funny, reflective or fluffy, but the two should find something in common and bond over it.
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Galadriel and Gimli reunite in Valinor

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Galadriel and Gimli reunite in Valinor and have a grand old time of it, to the confusion and dismay of many. Feel free to involve Legolas in any way you see fit. (No character death, please.)